MSHP's polital action committee, MSHP-PAC, is important to the future of pharmacy!

The Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) established a political action committee (PAC) to support candidates who understand and appreciate pharmacy.  Pharmacists across Mississippi are encouraged to invest in the future of the profession by donating to the MSHP-PAC.

Your voluntary contributions promote the interests of the pharmacy profession and educate candidates of the impact legislative and regulatory policies have on your ability to practice and care for patients.


  • Improve and protect the pharmacy profession by encouraging pharmacists, technicians and students to become more active in governmental affairs

  • Promote fair and responsible legislation affecting pharmacists and patients

  • Assist and support state office holders and candidates for public office through political endorsements and financial support

Please join in our efforts in advocating for the future of pharmacy in Mississippi by donating to MSHP-PAC!

Instructions to make an online donation:

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*PAC donations are not tax-deductible*

Donation for Political Action Committee

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