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MSHP Categories of Membership:

Active Members

Shall be licensed pharmacists who support the objectives of MSHP stated in Article I of the Constitution and who have paid dues as they are established.

        -Only active members may vote on Society business and serve as an elected or appointed officer

Associate Members

Shall be individuals other than licensed pharmacists who work in Industry, Home Health Care, Educational Activities, or who otherwise contribute to the health care professions and who have paid dues as established by MSHP. They shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Student Members

Shall be individuals enrolled in a full-time academic, traditional program in an accredited college of pharmacy.

Technician Members

Shall be individuals who are employed as pharmacy support personnel in an organized health care system working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.

Honorary Members

Shall be individuals who are or have been strongly supportive of MSHP and/or have made outstanding contributions to health-system pharmacy practice. They shall be elected for life and shall not pay dues. Nominations for Honorary Members must be submitted by two or more Active Members and must be approved by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary Members may vote and hold office if otherwise eligible for active membership.

Period of Membership

All memberships except Honorary Life Memberships shall be for the calendar year (Jan - Dec).  Any member in arrears ninety (90) days after that date shall be sent a written notice of delinquency and shall cease to be a member of MSHP in good standing if dues are not paid within thirty (30) days from date of notice.


The Treasurer will assess and collect the membership dues of MSHP. Dues shall be dues on January 1st of each year. Prior to the completion of the calendar year the Board of Directors shall determine annual dues. If dues are proposed to be increased more than 50% of established dues for any one-year, the proposal must be submitted by mail ballot to the voting membership for approval. A simple majority of the ballots returned within the specified time shall be required for approval.