Grant Program


On an annual basis, an amount not less than $500 but not greater than $5,000, shall be designated as Board restricted assets for potential distribution in the form of grants to MSHP members. Grant requests should be submitted to the Treasurer of MSHP.
Factors which will be considered in determining whether grant requests will be funded include, but are not limited to, how each proposal:
  • promotes the profession of pharmacy
  • promotes patient care
  • supports MSHP’s mission
  • relates to targets in MSHP’s current goals/objectives

Examples of appropriate grant requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Funding to develop, print and provide drug information packets for health fairs
  • Funding to sponsor Poison Prevention Week activity
  • Funding to support a medication safety initiative
 The process for submission and evaluation of grant requests shall be communicated to members in the following manner:
  • An announcement of the program and grant application shall be included in the Fall issue of the newsletter
  • An announcement of the program and grant application shall be posted on the MSHP Web Site
  • Membership correspondence will be mailed/e-mailed with attached announcement of the program and grant application
 All grant requests must be submitted on the MSHP grant request form (attached):
  • Members of the MSHP Board of Directors may be contacted for assistance in preparing the grant request form.
  • Proposals will only be accepted for future activities. No retroactive funding will be provided.
  • The intent of the grant program is to fund unique activities, not to provide support for on-going programs or MSHP committee charges.
  • Submission of a proposal to MSHP indicates acceptance of the terms identified in the grant guidelines.
  • The maximum amount per grant will be $2500.
  • An individual may not receive more than one grant per year.
  • Completed proposals shall be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to:
Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Attention: Treasurer
PO Box 4826
Jackson, MS 39296-4826
Following acceptance of the audited financial statements, the Treasurer shall determine if funds are available from excess revenues over expenses (after budgeted contributions to reserves have been deducted). The Committee on Finance shall review the proposals and forward recommendations to the Board of Directors for action at the January Board Meeting:
  • Depending on the number of requests and funding available, the Treasurer may recommend partial funding for specific requests.
  • The Board of Directors may elect not to fund submitted grant requests.
  • All grant applicants shall be notified of the Board’s decision within 4 weeks via a letter from the Treasurer.   Acceptance letters will include a copy of the attached “Grant Follow-Up Report.”   This report should be completed and returned to the MSHP Treasurer no later than 6 months following receipt of funding. The report should describe outcomes that resulted from MSHP’s financial support. Grant winners may be asked to speak at the annual meeting. There will be no honorarium awarded. Complementary membership for two years will be provided instead.
  • Checks will be made payable to the individual submitting the proposal. A form 1099 will be filed with the Internal Revenue Service for grant amounts exceeding $600.
  • Funds provided by MSHP for grants are restricted and can only be utilized for the approved designated activity.
  • If only partial funding is utilized, the remaining funds are to be returned to MSHP.

Annually at the January board meeting, the MSHP Treasurer will provide a status report on all activities funded during the previous fiscal year as part of his/her report to the Board of Directors.
Grant Request Form