About MSHP

Goals & Objectives

The Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists (MSHP) is a professional society of pharmacists and related personnel practicing in organized healthcare settings. Founded in 1953, the MSHP Society has over 300 members. MSHP is a state affiliate of ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists). MSHP has 3 districts throughout the state to facilitate member involvement on a local level. A Board of Directors governs MSHP. The 11-member board is comprised of elected officers and 3 regional Vice Presidents as well as 1 representative each from the Board of Pharmacy, Ole Miss School of Pharmacy, and Mississippi Pharmacists Association.

The Objectives of MSHP are as follows:

  1. To Advance Pharmaceutical care services to the public by promoting the professional interests of pharmacists practicing in organized health systems through:
    1. Developing standards for the provision of pharmaceutical care.
    2. Fostering Pharmaceutical services aimedat drug use control and rational drug therapy.
    3. Increasing public and health-system awareness of the vital role of the pharmacist in the provision of pharmaceutical care.
    4. Fostering the development of well-trained, competent pharmacists, technicians and associated personnel.
    5. Developing and conducting educational programs and services for maintaining and improving the competence of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy students.
    6. Disseminating information about pharmaceutical care and rational drug use.
    7. Improving communication among pharmacists, other members of the health-care industry, and the public.
    8. Promoting research in the health and pharmaceutical sciences and in pharmaceutical care models.
    9. Promoting the economic welfare of pharmacists, technicians and associated personnel.
  2. To foster rational drug use in society such as through advocating appropriate public policies toward that end.
  3. To pursue any other lawful activity that may be authorized by MSHP's Board of Directors. 

Policy and Procedure Manual

MSHP Bylaws