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Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI)

Remember to Complete your Hospital Self-Assessment (HSA) Survey!

The Mississippi Society of Health System Pharmacists is striving to take an active role in the advancement of the ASHP/ASHP Foundation Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI).  PAI is a groundbreaking effort to advance pharmacy practice in the nation’s hospitals and health systems.  One of the best ways to make an impact is to complete the Hospital Self-Assessment (HSA) tool.

What is the Hospital Self-Assessment (HSA) tool?

  • A 120 question, web-based questionnaire  
  • ASHP uses the data from the self-assessment to prepare goals for the future to advance pharmacy practice.
  • The tool is designed to identify gaps in hospital pharmacy practices across the country when compared to the recommendations from the Pharmacy Practice Model Summit. 

How can you help our effort?

  • We are asking that you complete the HSA for your hospital.
  • To complete the assessment, please follow the link below. It will take approximately 45 minutes for you to complete the HSA and corresponding action plan.
  • Please complete the survey by February 28th, 2018
  • Link: http://hsaassessment.org 

We encourage you to engage your staff, residents, or even your students in completing the assessment to ensure the response accurately reflects your institution’s current practice.  It is important to have every hospital complete the survey so that we have an accurate statewide baseline. This will enable us to tailor programs and services to best serve you.


Emily Tschumper, PharmD, MS, BCPS

MSHP PAI Taskforce Co-Chair



Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) Week

In celebration of PAI week at UMMCSOP, members of SSHP gathered to learn and discuss what the practice advancement initiative means for the future of pharmacy and how we, as students and future pharmacists, can contribute to its progress and success.

So, what exactly is PAI? Practive Advancement Initiative, or PAI, is a movement towards change in the way pharmacists practice in various aspects of the healthcare setting.  Currently, one standard model, relating to patient-care services, does not exist throughout pharmacy departments, or across healthcare systems. This is an effort to set a standard of care that is expected to advance pharmacy practice, while supporting evidence-based improvements in patient outcomes.

The overarching goal of this initiative is to positively impact patient care by developing and disseminating a futuristic practice model that can be used in all hospitals and health systems to implement pharmacists as “direct patient care providers”. A large part of this involves instilling passion, commitment, and action among our hospital and health-system leaders to achieve this common goal.PAI is also about broadening a pharmacist’s scope of practice, and encouraging their involvement as an integrated member of the healthcare team. This initiative is transforming how pharmacists care for patients through the efforts of leaders in the pharmacy profession.

The new Practice Advancement Initiative encompasses various aspects of the pharmacy profession, in efforts to ensure that a patient has the right to a pharmacist throughout all of their inpatient and outpatient needs. PAI is comprised of five pillars representing the initiatives, objectives, and goals for our pharmacy profession as a whole, which includes care team integration, leveraging pharmacy technicians, pharmacist credentialing and training, technology and leadership in medication use. These five pillars of PAI are meant to maximize the pharmacists’ role in patient care. Care team integration involves promoting the involvement of the pharmacist as part of the health-care team while optimizing their time with patients. In order to create more time for the pharmacist to spend with patients, it is vital that we increase the responsibilities of

pharmacy technicians by promoting training and certification requirements. In addition to technicians, pharmacists must also continue to pursue credentialing and training in order to prepare for the future of pharmacy practice. As technology continues to advance, it is in our profession’s best interest to continue to implement technology to support safety, efficiency, and quality of patient care. Lastly, as the medication experts on the medical team, pharmacists need to use their knowledge to improve medication-related patient outcomes.

So, why is PAI important? As future pharmacy professionals, we are all aware that health care reform is a high national priority. Patient care in this country will continue to become increasingly more evidence-based and outcomes driven. The demand for safer, higher quality care at lower costs will be necessary with our aging population.

The shortage of health professionals must be addressed with the increasing demands on our healthcare system. Given the demand for reform and a highly-trained pharmacists workforce, hospital and health-system pharmacists need to engage now in the development of a future practice model that is responsive to healthcare reform and the health system of the future.

Students employed by a hospital or currently completing a hospital or ambulatory-based experiential rotation,  can get involved by assisting facilities with completing ASHP’s hospital self-assessment. The hospital self-assessment tool consists of 106 questions that every hospital should complete, as it assesses the adoption of PAI recommendations and helps hospitals create an individualized action list. Currently, Mississippi has around a 25% hospital assessment completion rate. This gap in completion provides a great opportunity for students to get involved and make a difference in hospitals and ambulatory setting around the state.


Written by Anna Wright, SSHP Policy Chair



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2018 MSHP Annual Conference

Meeting Details

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Society of Health-System Pharmacists will be held at the Oxford Conference Center in Oxford, MS.  Please join us in Oxford for continuing education (CE credit), networking opportunities, and some well-deserved downtime!  A total of 12.25 hours of CE will be offered with the opportunity to complete the education required to earn or maintain a Mississippi Consultant Pharmacist Certification.  The continuing education offerings this year will include a broad array of topics and feature speakers from a variety of settings.

Rooms have been blocked at two hotels adjacent to the Oxford Conference Center, Hampton Inn Oxford Conference Center and the Marriott TownePlace Suites.  Reservations can be made by calling the hotels directly at (662) 234-5565 for the Hampton Inn Oxford Conference Center, or (662) 238-3522 for the Marriott TownePlace Suites.  When claiming your room in the room block, mention “MS Society of Health-System Pharmacists”.  All rooms are $114 + tax.  Check-in times are 3:00 pm at the Hampton Inn Oxford Conference Center and 4:00 pm at the Marriott TownePlace Suites.  Please make your reservations early!  The room block ends June 26th or when all rooms have been reserved, whichever comes first.  

Register now!  Early registration will end June 1, 2018. 

Register here: http://msshp.org/meetinginfo.php?id=17&ts=1518727068 


Ambulatory Care Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) Workshop

MSHP will be hosting a free Ambulatory Care Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) workshop prior to the annual meeting.  The goal of this initiative is to significantly advance the health and well-being of patients by supporting futuristic practice models that support the most effective use of pharmacists as direct patient care providers.  This workshop will help attendees to create a long-term vision for aspirational and forward thinking pharmacy practice models that will ensure that pharmacists participate as members of patient care teams for ambulatory patients and are responsible and accountable for patient and population outcomes. The workshop is sponsored by ASHP and the ASHP Research and Education Foundation.


Poster Session

ALSO, consider presenting a poster at the Annual Meeting highlighting your research, evaluation or implementation of a service!  Poster submission guidelines can be found on the MSHP website.  The deadline for submitting an abstract of your poster is May 21, 2018.



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Time to Renew Membership!

Don't Forget: Membership is from January-December. 

  • As a member of MSHP you will enjoy valuable benefits including:
  • Networking through attendance at regional dinners and annual meetings
  • Opportunities to support and contribute to advocacy efforts aimed at progressing pharmacy presented before the MS legislature
  • Free electronic newsletter with informative information, including health-system pharmacy news and job opportunities
  • Continuing Education opportunities at regional dinners and annual meetings
  • Discounts on MSHP events, including annual meeting

Please take a moment to renew your MSHP membership today by visiting www.msshp.org.  If you forgot your password to login, simply click the “forgot password" link to reset.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Jameika Stuckey, membership chair, at jameika.stuckey@gmail.com.

Come back and join a network of your colleagues persistently working to make progressive and positive changes in the pharmacy profession.


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Member Recognition

ASHP’s Distinguished Service Award

We would like to congratulate Wes Pitts for being recognized as one of the recipients of ASHP’s Distinguished Service Award.  This award was presented to Wes at ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday December 5th 2017. 

Congrats Wes!!!!



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Capitol Day

Thanks to everyone who participated in capitol day this year and contributed to its success. As always, we appreciate the show of support for both MSHP and pharmacy presence at the captiol. If you weren't able to make it this year, we hope to see you next time!


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Technician Update

Accepting Applications

The Pharmacy Technology Program of Jones County Junior College is accepting applications now until May 1, the priority deadline.  If interested please use the following link to learn more: 




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