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MSHP Annual Meeting 2017

We are excited for the MSHP Annual Meeting! 

Oxford, MS 

July 20-July 22nd



We are so excited for the MSHP Annual Meeting that will be held in Oxford, MS from July 20-July 22nd! Registration will begin on July 20th at 11:00 AM with the meeting beginning at 2:30 PM and concluding at noon on July 22nd.  

Pharmacists can receive over 10 hours of CE with some great topics, including the following:  

Critical Care Pearls
Oncology Practice
Intravenous Lipid Emulsions
Human Gut Microbiome
ASHP Updates
Community-Based Research Program Highlights
Patient Safety
Updates on Concentrated Insulins
Drug-Induced Liver Injury, and
Consultant Law Updates

Of these sessions, technicians can receive 5 hours of CE on Friday and Saturday.  

Registration is now open on the website (msshp.org). From the homepage, click on the “Register Now” button to begin registration for our 64th Annual Meeting. A pharmacist can register for the entire meeting, including the banquet, before June 20for an early bird rate of $150. Please see our website for additional pricing info.

A hotel block has been reserved at the Hampton Inn Oxford Conference Center (662-234-5565) and Marriott TownePlace Suites (662-238-2522). They are right across the street from Conference Center. Rooms in the block are at a rate of $109 + tax before June 20th (or until all rooms are booked; whichever comes first).  Just tell them you are with the “MS Society of Health-Systems Pharmacist” block.

Hope to see you there!

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PY3 Patch Ceremony

On May 4th, 2017 the PY3 students received their pharmacy patches to celebrate their progression to Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs).  This was a fun celebration with students, families, and faculty.  MSHP was privileged to sponsor the reception for this event.  Anees Kanorwala, current Central Vice President, was present to speak a word of congratulations to the students. It was an exciting time for all in attendance. 



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School of Pharmacy Graduation Luncheon

MSHP and MPhA co-sponsored the 2017 Graduation Luncheon in Oxford, Mississippi on Friday, May 12th.   Faculty and representatives from each organization were there to celebrate with the PY4 class.  Students mapped out where they were headed post-graduation and reflected upon their last four years.  We are so very proud of their accomplishment!






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MSHP Grant Program

The MSHP Grant Program exists to support research of post graduate members. Grant requests that may be considered are those that promote the profession of pharmacy, promotes patients, supports the mission of MSHP, and/or relates to targets in MSHP’s current goals and objectives.  Applicants can find the grant application form on the website (msshp.org).  Grant requests cannot exceed $2500.  Along with the application, a budget request should be submitted and should be specific in how funds will be spent.  Completed proposals can be emailed or mailed to MSHP.  Grant recipients are also required to provide a written report to the Committee on Finance on outcomes achieved as a result of the funding. This is an excellent opportunity for MSHP members to take advantage of. 

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Student Society Spotlight

Trick-or-Treat: SSHP at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital

By: Meredith Oliver, PY3 Student


PY3 SSHP members continue to seek ways in which they can be involved and make a difference during the most academically challenging year of pharmacy school. With enthusiasm and creativity, many student members expressed a deep interest in organizing an event that would be fun and give back to the patients at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital. 

During October, SSHP teamed up with PPAG “Pedia Rebs” and Phi Delta Chi organizations to arrange a toy drive with plans to give the toys to the kids at Batson in a reverse trick-or-treat fashion.

Camille Edlen, a PY3 student, was eager to get involved with the Batson trick-or-treat event. "At a time of the year when most kids (and adults!) look forward to dressing up and knocking on their neighbors’ doors for treats, we forget about those children who are unable to participate in these festivities due to illness.”



This toy drive extended an invitation to all pharmacy students and faculty at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Jackson Campus wishing to donate toys for this event. Everyone was eager to participate, as the organizations received a variety of donations, including coloring books, game boards, dolls, hot wheels, sporting goods, and Halloween themed school supplies.

Students in any of the three organizations were given the ability to volunteer and distribute the toys to patients on each floor of the children’s hospital. The organizations designated two days at the end of October for this event. The 40 volunteer spots quickly filled up with student and faculty participation.

On October 25 and October 27, those volunteers carried the toys through UMMC’s hallways to be taken to the kids at Batson while dressed in their Halloween costume. Volunteers split up between the four floors of Batson to distribute the toys and spend time with the kids at each floor’s activity center for an hour. Some volunteers were able to surprise patients in their room and brought with them toys for the patient to choose. The costumes brought a huge smile on the kid’s faces. The patients were so excited to receive a new toy. Dr. Katie Barber, assistant professor at the School of Pharmacy and infectious disease preceptor, expressed interest and volunteered as Olaf from Frozen; her costume was a big hit with the kids!

Kaitlyn Jarrell, a PY3 student,shares her reflectionon this event, “The Batson reverse trick-or-treating event is one of the most fun volunteer opportunities we have in Jackson. I mean, who doesn’t love putting on a costume to entertain little ones?  However, going into it, I didn’t realize how big of an impact this day would have on me, as well as the children we served.  I will never forget the sweet faces I met, and I can only hope that we were able to brighten their days as much as they brightened ours.”  

SSHP wants to thank each and every student and faculty member who donated toys to this event. It is because of your generosity that the reverse trick-or-treat party was such a success! Also, thanks to all of those who volunteered their time amidst a busy week. Your excitement for this event really lifted the spirits of the patients at Batson and we thank you for making a difference in their care.

Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital has ongoing opportunities for students at UMMC to volunteer. SSHP encourages any members interested in pediatrics to make a difference and volunteer their time. Opportunities include tutoring kids in school subjects and volunteering at the activity center. If interested, contact UMMC Volunteer Services for more information.



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ASHP House of Delegates

Voting, Caucuses, and Policies: Overview of the ASHP Policy Process

Joshua W. Fleming, PharmD, BCACP 

Recently Dr. Courtney Davis and I traveled to the ASHP Summer Meeting to take part in the House of Delegates to provide Mississippi’s input in the approval of ASHP Policies, but this process is actually a year-round event. ASHP Policies are important because they help to set priorities for the organization for the development of toolkits, educational objectives, and as a means for the national organization to effectively advocate for our profession at a local, state, and national level. Each year policies are primarily developed by five Councils: Education and Workforce Development, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Practice, Public Policy, and Therapeutics. These Councils work throughout the year to develop policies that represent every facet of Health-System Pharmacy. Once those policies have been vetted by the Councils, they are reviewed by the ASHP Board of Directors. During that review they determine which policies should be considered for one of the two Virtual House of Delegates sessions or for the Live House of Delegates session which occurs annually at the ASHP Summer Meeting.

Typically there are three to four policies up for consideration during the Virtual House of Delegates sessions in the fall and early spring. Delegates are given approximately one month to review the policies and discuss with members of their respective state organizations determine how they should vote. In this session delegates have the option to approve the policy, decline the policy, or abstain from voting. During this session, policies must be considered as they are written. This means that amendments are not considered during the Virtual House of Delegates. In order for a policy to be fully approved through this process it must have ≥ 85% approval to be adopted. If a policy fails to reach that benchmark, then it will be added to the docket for consideration before the Live House of Delegates Session.

The Live House of Delegates session considers around 20 or more policies. This process is much more involved and allows for more input from delegates. The policies are released for delegates to review in early to mid-April. Delegates are able to use ASHP Connect as a means to virtually discuss the policies with other delegates nationally. Additionally, delegates bring the policies forward to the members of their state affiliate organizations so that they can better represent the interests of the state. In early May, delegates meet in person at Regional Delegates Conferences to review the policies, discuss their potential implications, and suggest amending language to policies that need further clarification. From there, the conversation continues via ASHP Connect until delegates arrive at the ASHP Summer Meeting. At the Summer Meeting, delegates are given even more opportunity to discuss the policies in-person through scheduled caucuses. These sessions are valuable because it allows the delegates to hear more about how other states are reacting to certain policies, and it provides another avenue for delegates to come together to work on ways to improve policies before they are considered for voting during the Live House of Delegates Session. Once a policy makes it to the Live House of Delegates Session, it takes a simple majority vote for policies to be approved.

This year, twenty-nine policies were considered for the Live House of Delegates Session. These policies ranged in topic from the use of medical invertebrates (leeches and maggots) to partial filling of C-II prescriptions. If you have wondered what ASHP’s stance is on any issue, you can visit the ASHP website and navigate to the Policy Positions and Guidelines section (https://www.ashp.org/Pharmacy-Practice/Policy-Positions-and-Guidelines). From there, you can review all of ASHP current policies, guidelines, statements, and other helpful documents.       

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